Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still In Tucson

I ams still camping at my relatives house in Tucson, I don't know for how long. I have a meeting to attend on the 6th of March so I will leave before then for sure.
The weather here has been beautiful dry sunny and not to hot. The best time of the year for Tucson.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Blog is moving

I have decided to move to word press and give it a try so cut and past this

Friday, January 14, 2011

Plans for the trip to Tucson and Yuma AZ

I am planing my next trip to Arizona. I have promised myself to take it easy driving and try not to drive all day and end up tired and stressed. So, this is the plan to drive from Wills Point, TX to Abilene, TX the first day. The second day drive to Pecos, TX remain over night. The following day drive to Deming NM and stay at the LOWs park there. If I feel like staying there for a day or two I will then drive on to Tucson.

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I hope to spend a few days with my son and his wife in Tucson and then drive to Yuma for the Gypsy Gathering in March. The trip to Tucson is a little less than 1000 miles and I could do it in two days if traffic cooperated, however why wear myself out driving all day and getting stressed ?

This is my first time posting a map to my blog it has been a learning experience.

Of course all plans are written in Jello :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

East Texas Snow Storm

Here we are waiting for a snow storm to pass us here in East Texas. Most folks don't equate Texas with snow storms, but we have 'em and sometimes they raise havoc with travel because there isn't enough snow removal equipment to handle the snow.
Not a good day to be on the roads in anything including an RV!!!

Note the dogs out for a walk and a sniff in the snow they were eager to get in where it was warm and dry after the walk :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Got Goodies For my Rig

I went shopping today at Camper's World in Denton Tx and had a great time spending money on my Rig. I found the staff there most helpful and friendly. That is note worthy because it hasn't always been so in other Camper's Worlds that I have shopped at. I also found some things cheaper this year than last year-that is not to say that everything was cheaper just a few things were cheaper. Anyhow I came away a happy camper and that is what matters. It was a long trip there and back we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch and had a lovely lunch. I looked over their store of goodies and didn't buy a thing which is amazing in its self :)

So tomorrow I go for an eye check up at Key-Whitman Eye Center in Dallas (another lunch out!) another trip into Dallas traffic two in one week Arrrrg :(, I don't like big city traffic to many nut cases out there taking their life and yours into their crazy hands.....
I don't expect any problems with the eye check up things seem to be okay to me.

The following day I will be working on the RV getting things put away and set up the way I like it for the next trip.This past weekend I vacuumed the rig real good and shampooed the rug and got the rear view camera to work I am looking forward to being on the road again. Yahoo!!! On The Road Again To Places I have Never Been!!!!! Yippeee!

I have noticed, my chagrin, that a lot of bloggers use My RV Adventures for their blog title. Gee i thought I was being original...
HA! I am thinking of starting a blog on another platform WordPress so I have to come up with a new title for my new blog. I wonder what it will be? Kay's Caravan ? Julia's Journeys ? Wandering Wanda ? Lost Lilly? Dear me this is going to be another mind twister....eheh

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I called my Son's home last night to ask a question and talked to his wife for about a half an hour. We covered a lot of territory in the conversation. One of the things we covered was my pending visit there this winter. I have given some thought thought to visiting them this winter when I go to the Gypsy Journal meeting in Yuma AZ this March. I visited them last Winter for about five days and had a great time. The plans are to visit with them on my way to the Gypsy gathering and on my way back from the gathering. I am looking forward to spending sometime with them. This is a photo of where i camped while visiting them last year.

Now I have to firm up my reservations with the Gypsy Journal people, I am thinking of arriving early so will be settled in and know the lectures I want to be at and the venders where they are located. I am hoping that the Elks will be there too so I can join this year. I also want to get more information about Coast to Coast Camping Club seems complicated to me as to what to buy into and what it all means and the most important thing what are the costs! I don't want to get in over my head with these things.

Rained hard here last night I could hear the rain drops pounding on the roof it even disturbed my Lab Shelby for a little bit. Seems that there is one storm after another passing through. So far nothing as serious as the blizzard that hit the northeast this week, thank goodness. When I see people on TV shoveling snow and pushing cars I feel sorry for them and happy for me that I don't have to do that any more-I don't think I could do that anymore not with this tricky ticker (heart) of mine. Nope no more snow shoveling and car pushing for me.

I got a email informing me of a retired co-worker of mine had died, seems to me my circle of friends and co-workers is getting smaller as time goes by.

I got a package in the mail yesterday with my new curtains for the windshield in the RV. I'll try to put them up today. The curtains didn't come with tie backs, darn it. I'll just have to figure something out to hold the curtains open while driving.